Posted by: bjhansen74 | June 26, 2010

Tanzania: Lake Tanganyika

While Lake Victoria was impressive, it was also quite polluted due to industry, invasive species, and heavy use, so we headed south to Lake Tanganyika (the 3rd largest fresh-water lake in Africa) and found an idyllic camping spot next to the pristine lake. Andrew heard from a fish biologist in South Africa that we had to go and see the beautiful fresh-water fish (cychlids) at Lake Tanganyika since it harbours over 500 species that are endemic only to that lake. This is more fish species than the fresh-water lakes of the US and Europe combined.

So, we dug the dusty snorkelling gear out of the back of the truck, headed down to the beach, and snorkelled along the rocky shore where we saw fish of various colours, shapes and sizes. It amazed me that fresh-water fish could be so interesting after growing up near the Lake Michigan in the Midwest US where fish are a bit more drab J. We wound up snorkelling a hand full of times and tried out my underwater camera which captured a minute detail of what we actually got to see. Still, 2 days on the lake spoiled us for any other snorkelling we might try along the way.



  1. love the pics- that first one on the 2nd page looks like something in the sci-fi realm. Ah the African sky. I love that you were lent a boat- with no legal waver…

  2. Great many thanks for the news and pictures. Looking forward to seeing the pictures on a big screen without being shrunk.
    It lokks as if you have had a great time in Africa.
    Continue to have fun and safe travels on your adventure together.
    Had a couple of memorable days at Noetzie with Lizzie with Otters entertaining us for breakfast.
    Looking forward to getting together again. Much love Jan and Eion

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